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Guest Lectures

Over the ten years of its existence, the CHID Prague Study Abroad Program has been visited by an impressive array of well-known scholars, artists, intellectuals, NGO activists, as well as not-so-well-known, but equally interesting and engaging lecturers from various areas of political, cultural and social life of the Czech Republic. Some of our visitors gave one or several guest lectures in the classroom, while others taught their own classes, took students to their art studios and exhibitions or even dragged them through the underground tunnels of historical Prague.


                    Lecture by Czech film director Jiri Menzel, Summer 2005

          Historian Dorothee                            Photographer Jana Stepanova
          Wierling, Berlin 1998                               Prague, Spring 2004

A Selection of Guest Lecturers Who Have Taught in Our Program:

Arnost Lustig, world reknown writer and Holocaust survivor
Jiri Menzel, film director, Oscar holder for Closely Watched Trains
Martin Palous, former ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States
Ivana Bursikova, Agora Central Europe NGO
Jan Hrebejk, film director
Dorothee Wierling, historian, University of Hamburg
Tomas Halik, priest and professor of teology, Charles U.
Jitka Maleckova, historian, the Sage Foundation, New York
Martina Pachmanova, art historian, critic and curator, Prague School of Design
Petr Pavlik, gender and media expert, School of Humanities, Charles U.
Milos Calda, political scientist, Charles U.
Jana Stepanova, photographer
Hana Havelkova, women and politics expert, School of Humanities, Charles U.
Marie Chribkova, publisher, One Woman Press
Jakub Patocka, Green Party and Literarni noviny
Nelson Cloyd, race relations lecturer, born in Guyana, studied in CR
Jarmila Balazova, Romani journalist and editor-in-chief of Romano Vodi
Gabriela Hrabanova, director, Athinganoi NGO