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Academic Resources


If you want to study in a library, some of the best and most conveniently located ones are:

* CERGE-EI Library (address: Politickych veznu 1) near Wenceslas Square. It is "our" library, located in the CERGE-EI institute of Charles University, where we have our classroom. The library is open Mo-Fr, 10a-6pm. Website: CERGE-EI Library

* Municipal Library (Mestská knihovna, address: Marianske namesti 1) near the Old Town Square. It's closed on Sundays and Mondays but open T-F 9am-8pm and on Saturdays 10am-5pm.You don't need a library card to use it, and it has good facilities, including a newspaper reading room with a few English-language newspapers.

* Library of the Academy of Sciences (Knihovna Akademie Ved, address: Narodni 3), right across from the National Theatre. It's one of the largest libraries in the country, and perhaps the most useful for CHID students, since you can get free internet access once you pay for a library card (costs 200 Kc, you need to also bring a passport size photo). The hassle of getting the card is worth it.

* National Library (Narodni knihovna, address: Klementinum 190). It is the largest library in the country and smack between Charles Bridge and the Municipal Library, but less pleasant and accessible. To get in you need a library card.

Czech language: If you're interested in studying Czech, the best place to go is the SF Servis, a part of a Student Union at Charles University. Their webpage is http://strada.ff.cuni.cz/. There are classes for all levels, and they sometimes let you jump into a class immediately. Classes usually take place twice a week in the evenings.



Prague has a number of English-language bookstores, some of which sell used books, others have cafes.

* The Globe (Pstrossova 6, Prague 1; http://www.globebookstore.cz.) Has a large selection of both new and used books in English, newspapers, guidebooks, and an internet cafe.

* Anagram Bookstore (Tyn 4, Prague 1; http://www.anagram.cz) Good collection of more academic texts in English. Located in Ungelt behind the Tyn Church at the Old Town Square.

* Big Ben Bookstore (Mala Stupartska 5, Prague 1; http://www.bigbenbookshop.com) Specializes in language books, fiction in English and English translations of Czech literature.

* Kanzelsberger (Vaclavske namesti 42, Praha 1, at Mustek; http://www.kanzelsberger.cz). This Czech bookstore also has a good selection of English translations of Czech literature, some works British and American fiction, and good English-Czech dictionaries.