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Transportation in Prague

The cost of public transport in Prague is included in the price of the program. At the beginning of the program, we will provide you with a 3-month transportation pass, which includes all modes of public transportation in the city of Prague. You don't need any photo for this pass. If you lose this transportation pass, however, you will be responsible for your own transportation in the city for the rest of the program.

Here is the official Prague Transportation (Dopravni podnik) website, which explains the entire system in detail: Prague Public Transportation System    


          A tram (streetcar)                          This is the place to punch your ticket to validate it

     We will explain the details of getting around Prague once you arrive. But basically, Prague has an excellent transportation system. The subway (the "metro") has three lines that run from 5am to midnight, which go to most places in the city. If you are traveling shorter distances, it is best to take one of the many trams ("tramvaj") that crisscross the city. There are also night trams that run from 12am to 5am, which you should familiarize yourself with if you plan to be out late. The trams are fast and allow you to see the city as you go. You may have to take buses ("autobus") if you are going to an outlining area of Prague. The metro, trams and buses are integrated, meaning that the same tickets can be used on all of them.

     If you need help with tickets before the orientation meeting, here is what you should know. For single tickets, you can buy either a 24 CZK ticket or a 32 CZK one at the yellow ticket machines in the vestibule of every metro station (ignore the other options on the machines). A 24 CZK ticket is for short distances up to 30 minutes. The 32 CZK ticket is a transfer ticket that is valid for about 90 minutes. Very few bus or trams stops have ticket machines. You have to buy the tickets either at a metro station or at a newspaper/tobacco stand (a "trafika"). You can also buy day tickets or 3-day tickets at many ticket booths in the metro stations. Remember, after validating your ticket you need to hold onto it the entire time you are using it (including your three-month tickets). The transport system has plainclothes ticket checkers that will ask you to show your validated ticket, and if you don't, you'll be fined 700,- CZK (or 1000,- CZK if you cannot pay on the spot).


     Map of the Prague subway system