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Spring 2019: Sunday-Thursday, May 12-16

Autumn 2019: Friday-Tueday, October 25-29

     5-day mandatory international trip during the 6th week of the program. Berlin is one of the most important metropolitan cities in Europe. Historically, politically and culturally, its developments have been inseparably intertwined with the larger history of Central Europe, prior, during and after the Communist regime. In Berlin, we will go on an exciting bike tour through the most important sites of the historic divided city; we will go on a walk through the Jewish neighbourhood of Scheunenviertel with its renown Neue Synagogue; we will visit and discuss the Story of Berlin Museum about history of the city, including a nuclear bomb shelter from the 1950s; the so-called East-Side Gallery (remnants of the Berlin Wall covered with contemporary graffiti); the excellent documentation center of the Berlin Wall at Bernauerstrasse; we will also visit the extensive Berlin Jewish Museum, arguably one of the best museums in Europe; the Holocaust Memorial by the Brandenburg Gate; the Potsdamer Platz; and the newly opened DDR and Stasi museums. We will also take a guided tour of the Berlin Reichstag, the site of the German Parliament with its stunning view of the city and visit the Pergamon Museum, the astonishing, most visited German museum of the Ancient World. Students have all evenings free.
     The program will cover both the transportation to our planned activities and a 3-day city public transportation pass for everyone. In Berlin, we will stay at the Christopher's Inn Hostel in the Mitte neighborhood, which is the location of a number of great cafes, pubs, restaurants and the historic Jewish quarter. The hostel is walking distance from Alexanderplatz, the Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Breakfast is included and paid for by the program. The hostel has free internet access, cafe and bar.