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Spring 2019: Saturday-Wednesday, April 27 - May 1

Autumn 2019: Friday-Tuesday, October 11 - 15

     5-day mandatory international trip at the end of the 3rd week of the program. We will visit the Jagellonian university (the second oldest university in Central Europe where, for example, Copernicus and the pope John Paul II studied); we will take a guided bike tour through the city and explore the old Jewish neighbourhood of Kazimierz, which is now the liveliest bohemian district of Krakow, we will visit the Autonomy Foundation NGO, Poland's most important anti-discrimination NGO, where we are going to discuss most pressing issues of contemporary Poland, such as the role and influence of the Catholic Church, women's and abortion rights (the most strict in Europe), or homophobia. We will literally "dive" under Krakow's Main Square (the largest square in Europe) to visit the Krakow Underground Museum in order to see what the city looked like in the 14th century. We will also explore the communist utopian city of Nowa Huta, built in early 1950s on a green meadow next to Krakow, which is now a UNESCO site, and, of course, we will visit the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.
     In Krakow, we will stay in Mundo Hostel in the heart of the city. Breakfast is included and paid for by the program. Students will have the evenings free.