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Spring 2019: Thursday-Sunday, April 11-14

Autumn 2019: Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29

     4-day mandatory international trip at the end of the 1st week of the program. Vienna has been repeatedly named by various respected studies and surveys as "the most desirable city to live in", not only in Europe but the whole world. It is not as hip and full of contrasts as New York and not as metropolitan and rebelious as Berlin but it offers a number of small, everyday reasons why its citizen would not live anywhere else. In Vienna, we will have a walk around the famous Ringstrasse in the center of the city, visit Schoenbrunn, the splendid summer palace of the Habsburg dynasty, and see their winter residence Hofburg in the center of the city. We will have a guided tour through the Kunst Haus Wien, a fabulous colorful art house build by Friedrich Hundertwasser. We will also visit the Sigmund Freud Museum, the beautiful Secession Building and the Museum Quarter, full of art galleries and places to rest. We cannot skip lunch or dinner in the famous Cafe Central, beautiful secession coffee house near Hofburg, frequented in 1913 by such diverse personalities as Freud, Hitler and Trotsky. Besides that, students have all evenings free.
     The program will cover both the transportation to our planned activities and a 3-day city public transportation pass for everyone. We will stay in the Wombat City Hostel in the center of Vienna, located next to a great outside market Nashmarkt. Breakfast is included and paid for by the program.